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Like most other states in the country, Georgia is an at-will employment state, which means your employer can fire you for practically any reason – or no reason at all! If your firing violated a law or breached a contract, however, you may have a wrongful termination suit on your hands.

Filing a wrongful termination suit with Busch, Reed, Jones & Leeper, P.C. can help you recover the money you would have made if you were not fired, as well as other damages. We have more than 150 years of combined professional experience to dedicate to your case.

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Types of Wrongful Termination Claims

Some firings become wrongful termination claims because they violate federal anti-discrimination laws, others because they breach written or implied promises. Sometimes, employers fire employees to retaliate against them for engaging in legally protected activities.

The types of wrongful termination claims we handle at Busch, Reed, Jones & Leeper, P.C. include:

  • Discrimination – your employer cannot fire you for a protected characteristic, including race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information.
  • Sexual harassment – you cannot be firedfor refusing to engage in sexual activity (or even go on a date) with your supervisor, boss, or another higher-up. This is called quid pro quo sexual harassment and it can justify a wrongful termination lawsuit.
  • Breach of contract – employees with contracts are not at-will employees, and firings must adhere to the contract in question. If your employer fires you outside of the terms or processes outlined in your contract, you may have a wrongful termination claim.
  • Retaliation – employers may not fire employees for engaging in legally protected activities, including filing a complaint against them, addressing safety concerns, or unionizing.
  • Public policy – employees cannot get fired for taking time off work to vote, complete jury duty, or serve in the military.
  • Whistleblower claims – employees have the right to notify the authorities about wrongdoing that is harmful to the public. They cannot be fired for whistleblowing or protecting the public interest.
  • Fraud – employers may not make false representations or intentionally deceive you into taking a job. If they do, they can be held accountable for firing you.
  • Bad faith – all employers must adhere to the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which means they cannot fire you to keep you from collecting benefits or commissions, force you into quitting without severance, or fire you to replace you with someone who will accept a lower wage.

If your employer fires you a week after you file a complaint about sexual harassment or after making comments about your race or sex, talk to a Marietta wrongful termination lawyeras soon as possible.

How to Prove Wrongful Termination

Proving wrongful termination is notoriously difficult because of at-will employment laws. Still, you can win your case if you have the correct evidence.

In a discrimination case, for example, you can provide your attorney with direct statements from your employers. They are even better when they appear in writing. It may also be helpful if your employer has taken similar actions against other people with your protected characteristic.

Sometimes, breach of contract claims are more straightforward because the contract itself is evidence.

In any case, your Marietta wrongful termination attorney will examine:

  • The duration of your employment
  • Your work history and performance reviews
  • Any written evidence you provide
  • Your account of what happened
  • Any complaints you may have filed
  • Investigations or other legal claims against your company
  • Other relevant case details

If you believe you have been illegally fired, our lawyers at Busch, Reed, Jones & Leeper, P.C. can help you look for the right evidence. With our in-depth knowledge of the law, we should be able to find the proof you need.

Our team offers big-city experience with small-town prices, and we are dedicated to protecting you and your future.

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