Who is Liable for Car and Truck Accidents Caused by Mechanical Issues?

Car and truck accidents can be caused by many different factors. Although these events are the result of driver negligence in many cases, collisions can also be caused by external elements. In some cases, the cause of a collision can be traced to maintenance issues or vehicle defects. When a mechanical problem causes a truck or car accident, multiple parties could be liable for the damages.

Driver Liability

A driver could be liable for these types of collisions if they failed to properly maintain their vehicle. Drivers are responsible for being aware of the condition of their vehicle and getting any issues corrected.

Drivers may also be liable if they did not take the proper precautions when responding to a maintenance issue. For example, if they did not take control of their vehicle after a tire became flat, they may be liable for the resulting damages. A driver may be able to avoid liability for this type of accident if they were unaware of the mechanical issue and could not reasonably control their car when the issue occurred.

Vehicle Manufacturer Liability

A vehicle manufacturer could be liable for accident damages if a collision resulted from a defect. When a vehicle is designed or manufactured incorrectly, mechanical issues and resulting collisions can occur. The vehicle manufacturer may be liable if a mechanical issue can be traced to problems in the creation of the car.

Mechanic Liability

Mechanical issues may also be the fault of a mechanic. If a vehicle was recently taken in for maintenance, it’s possible that the mechanic who provided the service did not properly address the problem, failed to do any work on the vehicle at all, or caused another issue while working on the car.

Trucking Company Liability

In cases of truck accidents, trucking companies could be responsible for collisions caused by maintenance issues. Trucking companies must conduct regular safety inspections and provide maintenance on their vehicles when problems arise. Additionally, trucking companies must ensure their drivers are trained on how to respond to mechanical issues. Any failure by a trucking company to meet their responsibilities could lead to accidents.

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