Truck Driver Blind Spots to Avoid

Driving next to a commercial truck on the road can be nerve-wracking, especially because most people know some of the most disastrous vehicle accidents involve trucks. Because commercial trucks are driven by workers on the job, you’d think that drivers would practice safe driving habits, but that’s not always the case.

It’s important for drivers to recognize where truck’s blind spots are. Because of their size, trucks have multiple blind spots – by taking the time to learn where these are and avoid them on the road, you can avoid putting yourself and the other driver in a dangerous situation.

Truck blind spots, also known as “no zone” areas, can be found:

  • 20 feet in front of the truck
  • 30 feet behind the truck
  • One lane wide on the left side, which extends to half the length of the trailer
  • Two lanes wide on the passenger side, which extends behind the trailer

You may notice that some trucks have signs on their vehicle that warn other drivers that if you can’t see their rearview mirror, they can’t see you. As a precaution, you should be able to see their mirrors at all times if you’re driving in the lanes next to them.

How to Pass a Truck Safely

Inexperienced drivers may also be weary of passing large commercial vehicles, but the best way to stay out of trucks’ blind spots is to pass them whenever possible.

In order to pass a truck safely, you should:

  • Stay out of blind spots when a truck is turning or changing lanes
  • Speed up to get in front of trucks (allow for at least 50 feet in front)
  • Put more room between your vehicles to allow for space to speed up
  • Make sure the truck driver can see you in their side mirrors

Causes of Truck Accidents

While truck accidents can be caused in the same way as passenger vehicle accidents, there are a few factors unique to trucks that can contribute to an accident.

In addition to cars being hidden in their blind spots, truck drivers may also cause accidents if:

  • They’re drunk/on drugs: Commercial drivers may stop at bars or restaurants on their breaks and become intoxicated.
  • They’re experiencing fatigue: Truck drivers drive long distances – usually across states – and don’t take many breaks to rest, resulting in them dozing off while driving.
  • They load their cargo improperly: Cargo can slide off the backs of trucks and hit the car behind them.

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