Why Do I Need a Last Will and Testament?

While most people understand the basic concept of a will, it seems that not everyone is willing to put one together. A recent survey by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave found that only 18% of Americans age 55 and older have a will or other estate planning documents in place.

Whether you’re under or over 55, you may be wondering exactly why you need a last will and testament, anyway. At Busch, Reed, Jones & Leeper, P.C., our experienced estate planning attorneys can help you understand the importance of creating an estate plan, including a will. We’ll also make it as easy as possible for you to put these documents together, by serving as compassionate counsel for all your estate planning needs.

What’s the Point of Having a Will?

For many people, a will may seem like an unnecessary document, especially if they don’t have a lot of physical and financial assets. However, wills aren’t just for the affluent: These documents help your family members divide up your property after death, and make it easier for them to follow your wishes. Although wills still have to go through probate court and face legal scrutiny on the public record, you can make the probate process much simpler on your loved ones by having a will.

How Long Does It Take to Create a Will?

Even if you want to create a will, it can seem daunting to put your final wishes into a consolidated legal document. After all, you don’t want to miss anything!

However, a skilled lawyer can help you put together a working will in a fairly short amount of time, typically no more than 48 hours. As long as you have a starting point, it will serve your family better than nothing at all – and it’s actually a good idea to update your will regularly to make sure it matches your needs. Our attorneys recommend reviewing it every few years, as well as after major life changes, such as a marriage or a death in the family.

Starting the Will Process

Our Marietta wills attorneys are experienced with asset distribution, estate taxes, and other considerations related to creating a will. We know that it can be uncomfortable to think about your own mortality, but with the help of our skilled team, you’ll find a balance that will work for you. Just call to get a free case evaluation and begin the process. From there, we will work with your budget and your needs to create a sufficient will that covers all of your assets.

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