Should I Represent Myself in Criminal Court?

There are many reasons people who have been charged with a crime choose to represent themselves in a criminal case. Some cannot afford to retain the services of a qualified criminal defense lawyer while others mistakenly believe their situation is too far gone to benefit from legal counsel or representation. Regardless of the motive, defendants who choose to represent themselves put their entire futures at risk. While you may feel confident in your innocence as well as your ability to prove it, the justice system is complex and representing yourself in criminal court is almost guaranteed to fail.  

Contrary to your beliefs about what happens in a courtroom and how to successfully combat a criminal charge, you simply do not have the legal expertise to safely handle your case. A strongminded and experienced criminal defense attorney will help negotiate a deal or plea bargain with the prosecutor, reducing or even dropping the charges against you. Another important point to consider is that the opposition will likely invest in a lawyer. Despite how clear-cut or straightforward your case may seem, you cannot underestimate the other party’s attorney. Additionally, the judge will show little to no tolerance for your lack of knowledge about court procedures and other legal issues. He or she may instantly take your legal team’s absence as a sign of insolence or indifference, both of which will greatly work against you.

Accomplished Criminal Defense Attorneys Invested in Your Future

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