Third Party Liability Claims in Car Accident Cases

Car accident claims typically involve negotiations between the two involved drivers, their insurance providers, and their attorneys. In most cases, one of those drivers will be primarily at fault for the damages caused by the accident. The other driver may share some of the blame as well.

There are some car accident cases in which a third party is partially or completely liable for the collision damages. It is possible that someone who was not even present during the accident could share blame in a car accident case.

Vehicle Manufacturer and Mechanic Liability

Accidents caused by a defective car part or other mechanical issues may be the fault of the vehicle manufacturer. Car accidents may be caused by problems such as malfunctioning headlights, inadequate brakes, or steering issues. Or, a car accident victim could incur more severe injuries because of malfunctions with their vehicle’s airbags or seat belts. If it can be proven that oversight in the design or manufacturing of the vehicle caused these issues and contributed to an accident, the car manufacturer could be liable. In these cases, a mechanic who recently worked on the vehicle could also be at fault.

Accidents Caused by Road Conditions

If the road conditions contributed to your collision, the people who are responsible for maintaining the road could be liable for your injuries. This may include cases involving dangerous potholes, poorly designed roads, or inadequate signage.

Liability claims related to road conditions generally focus on maintenance and repair issues only, rather than issues with the weather or natural path of a road that cannot be controlled. However, an organization could be liable in cases such as failing to salt an icy road.

Drunk Driving Accident Liability

If you were injured in a collision caused by a drunk driver, it’s possible that the establishment where they purchased the alcohol (such as a liquor store, bar, or restaurant) could be liable for your damages. The state of Georgia has “dram shop laws,” which allow injury victims to attribute liability to alcohol-serving businesses in cases of drunk driving accidents. To be considered liable, the establishment must have been aware that the person was intoxicated and was going to drive.

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