Tortious Interference – Definition & Legal Remedies

Our firm provides diligent representation to clients who have been victims of tortious interference. Whether the case involves interference with a business contract or a business relationship, it is important to file a lawsuit and seek justice for your situation. Tortious interference is legally punishable, and our firm can walk you through the process of business litigation to fight for your rights.

What Is Tortious Interference?

Under the common law definition, tortious interference occurs when a person wrongfully interferes in a business contract or relationship. The person is typically not part of the contract, but interferes by influencing one party to breach the terms of the contract. Tortious interference also relates to business relationships, and can occur if a person persuades a party to avoid participating in or developing a business relationship with another party, resulting in financial loss and economic harm.

Tortious interference includes any action that compels a party to breach a contract or relationship. This may involve:

  • Blackmail

  • Offering below market prices

  • Inducement

  • Threatening

  • Using deceptive tactics

  • Other unethical and illegal practices

Pursing a Legal Remedy for Tortious Interference

If tortious interference occurs, two different parties may file a lawsuit against the defendant. This includes the party who was forced into breaching the contract or relationship, as well as the party who suffered as a result of the breach in contract or relationship. Tortious interference often causes economic harm to the victims, and both parties may file a lawsuit to pursue financial and punitive damages from the defendant.

In order to prove tortious interference occurred, you must show that:

  • A contract or business relationship existed

  • The defendant knew about the contract or relationship

  • The defendant acted with willful intent

  • The defendant actually interfered with the contract or relationship

  • The plaintiff suffered economic harm as a result of the defendant’s actions

It is important to prove that the defendant acted willfully by interfering in the business contract or relationship. The court will consider the defendant’s actions, interests, motives, and type of conduct, as well as the interests and relationship of the other parties. Depending on the situation, the plaintiffs may be able to receive a financial settlement for economic damages caused by the interference, as well as punitive damages to punish the defendant for the unlawful interference.

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